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I’m Erica Miniex Mayon of Mayon Legal and the founder of Project Sunday. I’m a wife, mother, and a pretty cool friend.  I’m pretty funny and a non-conformist at heart.  I’m a helper.  I’m an organizing machine. self proclaimed efficiency strategist.  I enjoy dishing out tasks, collecting data, and turning it all into well organized processes that leave both business and lifestyles more efficient.

Erica Miniex Mayon

I am an attorney.  Practicing law in Louisiana since 2007, it can feel like I’ve been in this field forever. During this time, I have earned both the Million Dollar Advocate and Multi-Million Dollar advocate titles.  After lots of long hours and missed plays, I decided to take a step back into clerking.  After four years, and a handful of judges, I’ve obtained experience in all sorts of legal niches.  However, business law and adoption law have risen to the top of areas that spark joy for me. 

Mayon Legal | Legal & Business Consulting

The business of helping businesses: Mayon Legal. This is where my joy comes from. Helping you create your legally sound business is my passion, and creates the foundation for longevity and sets you up for a successful business.  Are you a small business in need of legal counseling? For a full list of services, click the “work with me tab.”

Project Sunday | Adoption & Foster Care

Aside from my excitement about business, I am an advocate of adoption and on a mission to place as many kids as I can with families. My parents were foster/adoptive parents and I’ve seen the positive power of the system.  I want to bring awareness to potential parents of the hundreds of thousands of children available in the foster care system.  If you want to learn more about Project Sunday’s mission, click on the “work with the tab.”

I’d love to connect with you. You can contact me using the contact page, by searching Erica Mayon and/or Mayon Legal, or, for an easier way, click the links below.

Erica Miniex Mayon of Mayon Solutions

My Mission

“I’m simply here to serve by sharing my knowledge and skills with those who need them.”

My Crazy Lifestyle

Erica Miniex Mayon of Mayon Solutions
Erica Miniex Mayon of Mayon Solutions
Erica Miniex Mayon of Mayon Solutions


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