Erica’s Favorite Things

A quick guide to all the things I can’t live without

Wondering what I use to maintain the madness, keep these curls popping, keep the kids together?  Check out this page often for updates.


Yes, they are Rothy’s!  If you see me in person, I’m probably wearing these.  My collection is growing and Saffron is next on the list.  Warning: You might get hooked!

Cash Flow Method

Of course I organize my finances too!  After my favorite app discontinued support I was lost.  Now I have Mayra’s cash flow method spreadsheet and the stars have realigned!

Spa Mizan

When I need a quiet place with no distractions, I hide out here.  There is no better place to spend the day unwinding with massage and a pedicure.


You know I love my gadgets! This tiny round disc allows you to pop your Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, contact card or any other link directly! Use EM20 to get 20% off your order!

Glass Ladder & Company

The Megan Portfolio is my favorite stylish way to walk into an appointment or court. I have two – one for my iPad and one for my Surface Pro.

Moment Boxes

I love the idea of hosting get togethers, but not so much the idea of decorating.  Moments by Mims has these amazing Moment Boxes with perfectly curated decorations – a live saver.

Greening Things

My secret to unique gifts is Jena Green.  Not only does she have the best smelling candles and personalized gifts, but she does virtual DIY parties that are perfect for birthdays or just a fun girl’s night.  Tell her I sent you!

Tried and True

These tools are all programs, products, or people that I personally use to keep myself, my family, and my business organized.  I hope they can do the same for you!

-- Erica Mayon