I’m so glad you are here.  Let’s work together.  My goal is to not only help you start your new business with a solid legal foundation, but to continue to run it properly and efficiently.  My experience as an attorney allows me a unique insight.  Excellent creative, organizational, and efficiency skills allow me to help you create systems that keep your business is structured, sustainable, and solid.


Call: (337) 739 – 5683
Visit: 312 Guilbeau Road, Lafayette LA

discovery consult

Know you need help, but not sure where to begin?  Book a discovery consultation.  This is a 30 minute consultation where you can ask direct questions that get you on the right track .  Whether its a systems, business, legal, or “what do you use on those curls?” question, this is the place to start.


strategy consult

Schedule a strategy consult if you are a do it yourself’er but need some a plan, some guidance, or you are stuck on a particular step and need some extra help.   Whether you are tackling a legal project, a business endeavor, or trying to figure out the best schedule for your family, this is the place to start.

follow up call

If you have already had a discovery or strategy consult, but have a follow up question or clarification, schedule a 15 minute call so we can get you back on track.

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